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The Far Cry series has long been undergoing a sort of identity crisis. Are they a scathing tale of survival or a zany physical playground featuring pet bears and flamethrowers? It’s “a bit” and that’s a great thing. Far Cry 6 doesn’t buck that trend – the flamethrower definitely hasn’t gone anywhere – but the latest installment does manage to smooth over a lot of the issues that have been spotted in the last several games and in doing so becomes the best the series has seen in years – but it’s also lagging a few things, specifically with its updated inventory system, which causes some new issues in the process.

Far Cry 6 traps you yet again in a massive open-world controlled by an enthralling madman. After a few games, the task of making all red spots in your map turn blue is still very enjoyable. This is done either by sneakily silencing every enemy guard, or using more subtle tactics like firing bullets or Molotovs happy wheels unblocked at school the enemies until they are left.

Primarily inspired by Cuba, Yara is ruled by a fascist dictator Anton Castillo, who’s expertly played by the well-known TV bad guy Giancarlo Esposito. Thanks to this performance, he has easily risen to the top on my list of top Far Cry villains (with apologies to Mr. Mando). If it weren’t for the influences from South and Central America, it’d be hard to believe the regime. However, it’s his unwavering commitment to his dream of an “perfect” Yara, along with his natural gravitas, and the calm, stoic glamor he projects to his still-loyal supporters and his supporters, that make him a great foil to the chaotic diaspora of revolutionaries who you’re trying to unite in you try to overthrow the dictatorship of El Presidente and his lieutenants.

Castillo’s subordinates don’t seem to be suitable for the job. They range from “psychotic naval Admiral” to “psychotic air force Captain” to “psychotic propaganda Director.

Every scene of Esposito’s is fascinating, especially those that involve his son Diego. Esposito is a boy who struggles to reconcile the notion that the interests of others have more importance than his own intentions and his father’s belief that noble motives can justify unsavory means. This creates some strong tension. The story closes with Castillo as the antagonist. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t offer a resolution to the many conflicts throughout. Esposito was largely responsible for the movie’s success. The film’s animation team should be praised for transcribing the exact details of the performance of Castillo onto digital character models.

FC6 certainly wants to be more responsible social game than its predecessors and its merit is that it does make an effort to tackle some problems of the social sphere, even if the script might stumble a bit over the truth of some of those moments. However, it feels trapped between a true representation of Latin American culture and an simplified version that is meant to appeal to westerners. While the scenery is gorgeous, the story relies too much on some colloquialisms and can feel like it’s trying too hard to appear authentic. Or worse, it’s a mini-game of cockfighting which is like Mortal Kombat but with chickens. Although it’s technically legal legally legal in Cuba but it’s not legally legal for me to do it.

Far Cry has been a series of Far Cry games that have featured us fighting pirates, mercenaries and cultists. While it’s less complicated than the first game Far Cry 6 has more varied and interesting encounters. Enemy Captains can call in reinforcements or airstrikes to take you from your shooter’s swarm, while Medics will revive wounded comrades and engineers can set up auto-turrets. They’re an excellent addition to the usual roster of “shotgun guy, molotov guy and heavy guy” that can give you some interesting motives to choose your targets, beyond “who could be looking or shooting at me next.”

Far Cry 6’s capability to transform helicopters, trucks as well as tanks and other vehicles into fiery metallic objects is simply unbeatable. While it’s still satisfying to clear a checkpoint, (this is how most of my time in the game was spent) There is something about speeding down the highway and trashing the trucks with a mounted machine gun while blasting Ricky Martin a special kind of thrill. The game’s arsenal is huge, making it a more raucous option.

Far Cry 6 is one of the most enjoyable series that I’ve seen over the course of nearly ten years. Its cast provides strong performances as well as a compelling story. However, it’s not always able to take big swings. Even with its shaky new inventory mechanics and a handful of baffling design choices, its creative weaponry means taking the outpost down, snatching the convoy, or just taking a ride with a friend has never felt better.

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